23. Tropical Depression WINNIE                      Print this Article
>> November 27-29, 2004

Winnie: a feminine name, issued by PAGASA for the Philippines.

Storm History & Effects

Tropical Depression Winnie was a large, sloppily-organized system which brought torrential rains to Luzon, resulting in deadly flashfloods and landslides. Winnie was named by PAGASA when it formed east of the central Philippines on 27 November. JMA and the Central Weather Bureau of Taiwan were the only other agencies classifying Winnie as a tropical depression. A TCFA was issued by JTWC on the 29th but was cancelled the next day. The system formed east of the central Philippines on 27 November and moved west-northwestward over southeastern Luzon on the 29th. After moving well-inland over Luzon, Winnie turned to a more north-northwesterly track up the west side of the island and was last mentioned at 0000 UTC on the 30th when it was located along the northwestern Luzon coast.

According to information received from Michael V. Padua of Naga City, news media reports in the Philippines indicated that more than 800 persons lost their lives during the passage of Tropical Depression Winnie, primarily due to massive flashfloods and landslides in Quezon and Aurora Provinces triggered by the attendant heavy rains.

Huang Chunliang Report

Following are some rainfall observations compiled and sent by Huang Chunliang (thanks to Chunliang for these):

 Only daily amounts >= 100 mm listed:

DAET (WMO98440 14.13N 122.98E)            156.4 mm  [28/00-29/00Z]
CABANATUAN (WMO98330 15.48N 120.97E)      157.8 mm  [29/00-30/00Z]
ALABAT (WMO98435 14.08N 122.02E)          144.2 mm  [29/00-30/00Z]
CASIGURAN (WMO98336 16.28N 122.12E)       117.6 mm  [29/00-30/00Z]
SANGLEY POINT (WMO98428 14.50N 120.92E)   116.4 mm  [29/00-30/00Z]

(Report written by Kevin Boyle with significant contributions by Huang Chunliang and Michael V. Padua)

Source: Gary Padgett's Monthly Tropical Cyclone Summary - November 2004

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